Duncan Anglesmith

Angry badgerman with a rifle and goggles.


Rifle, pack, razors, blades. Torches, oil, sunrods, rope.

Duncan is probably faster than most and is definitely sneakier.


Duncan Anglesmith – Tunnelleer.

The Royal and Ancient Order of Tunneleers.

Trained in surveying and maintaining tunnels they rarely get lost. They are charged with maintaining the secrecy of the Tunnelman’s craft.

At this time, the encroachment of the Wyld Gobins and Nerfelheim into the City elevator shafts was becoming a particular problem and, with the surplus of skilled but otherwise unemployed Artificer qualified labour, the City Elders founded the Tunnelleers.

The duties of the Tunnelleers originally included the repair of the shafts and mechanisms, but over time they came to be the supression and repression of the cthonic races.

The Tunnelleers are of course drastically outnumbered by the natives. They get by through a reputation for ferocious, merciless retribution and relentless pursuit of wrong-doers. A lot of this is bluff but hey.

Cete Anglesmith.

The history of the Hengeyokai in The City is a long one, and the Anglesmiths have been notable in their time. Angus Anglesmith for instance, was the founder of the Guild of Arcane Artificers back in ’03 but with the second Interregnum and the creation of the Foundries the power of the Artificers has waned.

Thaddaeus Anglesmith was the last Anglesmith to work as a proper Anglesmith and his son, Eciton was not inclined to continue a dying tradition. Eciton signed up to join the Tunnelleers. His son, as is traditional followed after him.


As a badger-hominid, Duncan has bad eyes, which he compensates for by wearing horn rimmed glasses in the city. In the tunnels, he wears large goggles, strapped to his head because losing your glasses or the ability to see because you’ve been unexpectedly submerged in water would be a bad thing.

Duncan Anglesmith

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